Medical Centre Sponsorship.

Feature your business exclusively on your local medical centre website and medical centre appointment cards.

Benefits of Medical Centre Sponsorship:

  • Direct local advertising for your target market on a personal level
  • Guaranteed exclusivity- stand out from your competitors
  • Unique brand awareness
  • Help support your local community
  • Artwork content can be updated throughout time whenever medical centres require their own updates.
  • Be seen by potential customers.
  • Cost effective and reliable form of advertising
  • The average medical centre gets thousands of visitors to their website every year
  • Be an extension of help to guide medical centre patients.

See below for more details on your medical centre sponsorship.

Medical Centre Websites and Appointment Cards

Incredible features and benefits that you will love

Local area marketing has huge benefits to small and medium sized business.
By sponsoring your local medical centre you can develop a stronger relationship with their business.

Direct marketing

Marketing to thousands within your local community.

Guaranteed exclusivity

Stand out from your competitors as the only advertiser in your business category.

Return on investment

Our clients have given us constant positive feedback through local advertising.

Brand awareness

Increase your brand awareness and reputation.

Support your community

The sponsorship provides your local medical centre with free appointment cards supporting your community.

Professional design

Your advertisement will be designed by our in-house team of graphic designers.

Medical Appointment Cards

Medical Appointment Cards

Printed feature

We will feature your category of business directly the medical centres appointment cards. It is direct local advertising for your target market on a personal level!

Medical appointment card sponsorship is a cost effective and reliable form of advertising.


What’s included

  • Guaranteed exclusivity for your category of business on the appointment cards.
  • Design of your feature by one of our in-house graphic designers.
  • Direct local advertising for your target market.
  • QR Code link to your feature on the medical website or landing page with click to call.
Sponsored Medical Centre Websites

Medical Centre Website

Home page feature

We will feature your category of business directly on the home page. If a patient is looking for your service they can click on the service, which will then link to your website or a custom designed landing page, allowing you to increase your leads.


What’s included

  • Guaranteed exclusivity for the category of business on the home page
  • You will be provided with a back link on the homepage, which when clicked on, opens another tab with your website or specially designed landing page toconvert leads.

Why are back links important?

Backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content.

A link from a local medical centre website is a high quality link for your business as you are in a related field.

Medical Centre Website

Services page feature

Feature on the services tab where you get your own section on the page to talk about your services, opening times and patients can call you directly from their mobile and link through to your website.

What’s included?

  • Business name
  • Business description
  • Business address
  • Click to call
  • Click through to your website or landing page
  • Opening and operating times.
Medical Centre Websites

Support your local medical centre

Bridging the gap between local businesses and their communities

Medical Together

Medical centre website home page feature
+ services page feature
+ appointment card feature

Don’t have a landing page or website?

Get the best results from their website advertising and branding campaign.

Our team includes website developers and marketing specialists. If your business doesn’t currently have a website, we can design and build a professional website or a landing page bundled together with your medical centre sponsorship.